About Us

About Us

We’ve been active for a number of years making the Meanwood Valley a better place for us all to live in. Here are just some of the things we’ve been involved with.


Our heritage is very important and we’ve been active in preserving it for future generations.

The procurement and placing of the Meanwood Village stone and flower garden at the junction of Green Road, Meanwood Road and Stonegate Road, to promote Meanwood’s unique identity and village heritage.

The Captain Lawrence Oates Memorial records his inspirational courage, self-sacrifice and understated heroism. His final words ‘I am just going outside and I may be some time’ remain etched in the world’s memory 100 years on.

The Great War ‘Meanwood Men’ Memorial plaque commemorating the 48 men from Meanwood who lost their lives in the Great War completed the restoration of the War Memorial, also the designated Somme Memorial site for the Region, at the bottom of Memorial Drive. An avenue of 48 native trees was also planted and a book about the lives of the men published.

The Meanwood Valley Trail runs for 7 miles from Woodhouse Moor through Meanwood to Golden Acre Park. New Trail markers and signs giving information about the local wildlife have been erected and also new leaflets for the Trail printed


We want to protect our village atmosphere and community spirit and make Meanwood a safer, better place to live for all.

Planning issues, whether for buildings, transport, road changes or maintenance, affect us all. We keep a close eye on proposed developments and through consultation try to ensure they are appropriate and beneficial for the area.

Active campaigning for speed restrictions around our schools to make our roads safer for our children

Environmental activity, such as the Friends of Meanwood Park group helping to improve the popular green space, or helping to eradicate the invasive species from the area such as the Himalayan Balsam.


Bringing facilities and resources making Meanwood a better place to live and an area we can be proud of.

Whether that be bringing the community together with our annual 10 day Meanwood Festival and the popular Fun Day held in May.

Or the planting of daffodil bulbs to be seen on the roadsides in Spring, taking part in a litter pick, or the refurbishment of the children’s play and bowling green areas in Meanwood Park.

Joining together for the Christmas Lights Switch On or trying different ales at the Meanwood Beer Festival


Please download the Meanwood Valley Partnership Constitution.

How You Can Get Involved

If you live in the Meanwood Valley area and are interested in and passionate about enhancing the area in which you live, there are many ways you can get involved.

Come along to a meeting

We hold regular Open Meetings every two months where we discuss matters that affect us as residents and progress ideas for improvements. The meetings are usually attended by our local councillors and as such are a great way to get across the views of residents to those who are able to have some influence.

Take up a cause or interest

If there is something that particularly irks you or a service or activity that you think would enhance the area, why not take up the cause and bring it to a meeting. You’ll need to do a bit of research and be prepared to put you case forward. If it’s something that meets the aims of the Partnership and gets the backing of the meeting, we’ll help you take it forward. We’re particularly interested in things that will increase involvement or bring resources or facilities into the area for the benefit of everyone in the area.

Help us bring activities to life

At certain times of the year, for instance leading up to the Meanwood Festival or Fun Day, we need a number of people to donate a little of their time to ensure the events run smoothly. It might be something as simple as putting up posters or manning a stall for a couple of hours, but every job is necessary and these events can’t take place without our volunteers. If you can help, we’d love to have you with us.

We think Meanwood is a great place to live and bring up families.  If you love living in Meanwood and would like it to make it even better, why don’t you join us?

For more information and to see what current projects and issues we are involved with , check out the minutes of our meetings. If you’d like to be added to our emailing list and kept informed of what’s happening in the area, email us on meanwoodvp@hotmail.com or follow us on facebook and twitter.