The aims of the Meanwood Valley Partnership are:

  1. To protect, conserve, enhance, maintain and use Meanwood Valley.
  2. To help improve the facilities and resources of Meanwood Valley.
  3. To increase public awareness about Meanwood Valley and any proposed alterations to the Valley and its environment.
  4. To support other groups with similar aims to the Meanwood Valley Partnership.
  5. To represent and to promote the interests of all tenants and residents living in our area, where those interests are in line with those of the Meanwood Valley Partnership.
  6. To work for improvements to the area to increase community spirit, to provide social activities for all sections of the community and to promote a healthy environment.
  7. To encourage the participation of residents and tenants in the area above and to promote equal opportunities and to oppose racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination.
  8. To work in partnership with other agencies, in particular Leeds City Council, to achieve our aims.